03 Oct A Plant with some Serious Style

They’re lush and sculptural and they make for excellent eye candy in photographs of some of the most beautiful interior design spaces you see floating around the Internet. The fiddle leaf fig, or Ficus Lyrata, is this year’s “it” plant. Its a great focal point in a space and can bring the outdoors in.

There is something cheering and welcoming about a vibrant green-leafed plant that makes a space feel more like home. The fiddle leaf fig is like a sculpture with glossy, leathery leaves. This plant is perfect to consider when doing design as it adds a bit of whimsy and color to a blank wall. Its free form gives it an artistic quality and adds intrigue. The leaves are large and reflect light and the name fiddle came from the fact that these large leaves have a violin shape. The plant has a good balance between volume and negative space and can be used in any style of design. Another plus is that they last longer than fresh flowers.

The correct name for the fiddle-leaf fig is the FICUS LYRATA. It is a species native to western Africa which grows in the lowland rainforests. The fiddle-leaf is relatively low maintenance and is an indoor plant. To thrive it does require light for most of the day but not direct sunlight, plenty of water and dust the leaves from time to time. Although lovely to look it at, this plant can be poisonous if digested, so please keep it away from little ones and pets. The bigger the better is another reason to invest in the large tree of your dreams (the leaves will be out of reach).