Dawn Chapnick Designs (DCD) is a full service interior design-build firm. We are unique as we combine the art and science of Interior Design. Instead of dividing tasks between separate architecture and construction companies, we offer design and build to complete your entire project.

It is critical to understand how to execute the design build at the design concept stage. This ensures that the integrity of the design is fulfilled from concept through to the construction. We create all the interior architectural plans, elevations and layouts. We also can create custom furniture designs.


Dawn Chapnick Designs will manage your project from start to finish making sure there is no disconnect between design and construction. We offer a hands on approach with our clients and cater to clients needs throughout the duration of the project. 





Principal Designer

Dawn lives, breathes, and feels all things design and luxury. Drawing inspiration from her everyday surroundings, Dawn believes that design is a highly sensory experience reaching ones’ physical, psychological, and emotional being. Whether it is a lavish and rolling landscape, the unique contours and variations of a building’s architecture, the colors and layers of magically entwined haute couture fashion, or the rhythmic chime and passionate cadence of music, Dawn has demonstrated an innate ability to translate her surroundings into design inspirations unique to each client and to each space.


Dawn has been imparting her interior architectural design expertise on various residential and commercial spaces throughout the City of Toronto. Over the past 15 years, Dawn has hand selected and built an extensive network of project managers, general contractors, and skilled artisans with whom she collaborates with on all of her design endeavors…


Dawn is both a designer and artist who conceives, designs and builds luxury spaces, both residential and commercial, which ultimately enhances a lifestyle. From the initial sketch to the placement of the very last accessory, Dawn is involved in skillfully orchestrating every design regardless how simple or elaborate the project scope is.


Fostering a positive working relationship with her clients is paramount to Dawn throughout the duration of the interior design process. Dawn ensures a comfortable working environment by investing the time required to become well acquainted with each client’s personality, lifestyle, preferences, visions, and needs. By truly understanding that no two clients are alike, Dawn is able to infuse each client’s uniqueness into every element and detail of the design project. With impeccable attention to detail, flawless execution, and an insatiable passion to bring her design visions to life, Dawn continues to exceed her clients’ expectations with each completed project.


Dawn Chapnick is the owner and principal designer of Dawn Chapnick Designs, based in Toronto, Canada. Dawn completed her studies at The International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Toronto.


Business Strategist and Client Relations Director

These established and growing relationships allow for every project to be managed in the most effective and efficient manner.


Danielle’s ability to problem solve and manage various timelines and budgets, makes her the go-to person for any questions, issues, or concerns that may arise from the very start to the very end of your interior design project.


She is the liaison between the client and the industry professionals to ensure flawless execution.



Lead AutoCad Designer

An integral part of the design team, Lauren works in coordination with Dawn to take on various aspects of the development of a project design including site review and creation of working and construction drawings and finishing schedules.


At DCD we have several creative, bright, young and talented team members that are involved in various aspects and stages of our design process. Depending on our clients’ needs and scope of work one of our gifted talents may be assigned to a project and work in collaboration with Dawn.




Rosa manages the business activity and records, financial statements, and budgets.

Rosa also handles our accounts payable and receivable.