Dawn Chapnick Designs offers both interior design as well as design-build services. Instead of dividing tasks between separate architecture and construction companies, we design-and-build to complete your entire project, from initial sketches through final construction.

Each project varies in its scope, design, and details and will determine the services required.

Dawn Chapnick Design offers the following services:

  • collaboration with architects, engineers, and builders on custom and spec builds
  •  commercial design services
  • hands-on management
  • full service design development 
  • autocad drawings and related documents
  • 3D computer generated renderings and /or illustrations for perspective of what space will look like
  • selection of architectural details and finishes
  • finishing schedules and design boards
  • bespoke furnishings, styling and finishing touches
  • decor services
  • refurbishment and renovation projects
  • collaborate on landscape design
  • in-house concierge services


There are no rules, only imagination

Regardless of the scale or scope of your project DCD transcends mainstream rules of design. Each project is as unique as its client. We want our clients to have a special experience as your dreams become a fully realized space. We have various departments that handle the Design, Decoration and Project Management. With passion and imagination we work closely with each client creating luxury and chic spaces that bring their visions to life.


We design for custom homes, condo’s, spec builds and renovations and can implement any design style desired. We are unique in that we draw inspiration from the client and the surroundings.


Proportion, Composition, and the correct details can create a time, place and culture. 

We work on various commercial projects including Boutiques, Stores, Café’s Restaurants and Offices. Regardless of the size and scope of the project we collaborate with Architects, Engineers and Project Managers to create thoughtful, creative and meaningful design layouts and concepts.


Each project has a dedicated team of skilled and talented men and women whom ensure attention to detail from conceptual designs to construction.




Once Dawn has gathered all the information together and created an initial plan, a detailed written proposal is prepared that summarizes the initial meeting and outlines the requirements to successfully execute the  project. When the proposal is accepted the working drawings are initiated and the brainstorming begins. As the preliminary drawings are tweaked, the initial finishes sourcing begin. Client feedback is always encouraged and at each stage the client must approve and sign off on all selections and/or drawings. This is when 2-3 mood trays may be used as a tool  so clients get a better sense of what colors, textures and finishes may be used in their space. These are floating pieces that can move from tray to tray as part of the collaborative and exchange with a client. There are various check points  and target times when the design team and client meet, review, revise and sign-off on drawings and final design finishes. This timeline is different for all clients, depending on scope of project. Once the finishes and look have been established the final mood board in created. 

The draft stage is where the designs are developed, and the process transitions from creativity to technical. In order to achieve the highest level of accuracy, a site visit is required to measure and record the existing space.

These measurements and Dawn’s design concepts are then combined to produce meticulously calculated and comprehensive working drawings, renderings, and schedules. Budget and timelines are prepared in itemized detail for review and approval.


Whether it is a residential or a commercial project, every project begins with a one-on-one consultation.

During this first meeting design styles and desired feel is discussed, how the  space will be used. The consultation is the very first step of the process. This phase is a learning opportunity for Dawn as she is introduced to a prospective client’s personality, lifestyle, preferences, visions, and needs. By engaging the prospective client, Dawn is able to get an initial feel for the  project scope and and budget.



DCD collaborates with a variety of project management teams, contractors, and skilled artisans within the interior design industry. These established and growing relationships allow for every project to be managed in the most effective and efficient manner. Working with experienced industry professionals ensures that every project is of the highest quality and completed on time and within budget.

Every client is important to DCD. As a special client of DCD, you will receive the attention from an in-house team dedicated to your project. Depending on the specific needs of the project, clients may be assigned with a client relationship manager, project manager, site supervisor, and/or a personal concierge.

We are proud that some of  Project Management teams we suggest and assign carry Gold Seal Certification under the Canadian Construction Association and maintain an unwavering commitment to meeting the highest standards of customer care and quality developments.


As the construction drawings are being executed and revised, all the finishes for each area are selected and approved at various stages. These options may be presented on design boards, design trays or simply reviewed with client. After the finishes are determined we can add the approved finishes to the drawings themselves so that the client can see the actual samples that will be their finished product. Dawn works very closely with her clients and is involved in every aspect at this stage. We also can produce full computer generated drawings and renderings or hand illustrations so that a client can visualize a 3-dimensional vision of how their custom design will look. This will be determined by the clients scope and design proposal.

Once the final design has been approved and the interior construction documents have been finalized, a dedicated team will be suggested to your project. Each client has their own project manager, and team of artisans. With the completion of all of the schedules, drawings and other related documents the construction begins.