A Curated Interior: The Art of Decor Pillows…


02 Jan A Curated Interior: The Art of Decor Pillows…

A Curated Interior: The Art of Decor Pillows…

A sofa is something like a blank canvas, at ones fingertips, on the verge of being injected with colour, texture and pattern. Much like any exceptional piece of art, a well-dressed sofa requires a fine balance between the elements and principles of design.

Sizing Guide:

The first step is defining proportion. Décor pillows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, most commonly Square, Rectangle, Bolster and Round. Combining two or more of these creates depth in any vignette. The size of a décor pillow should be determined by the size of your furniture. As you will discover, décor pillows come in all shapes and sizes to suit any space.

  • A square toss cushion comes in a variety of sizes. I tend to use a mix of a variety of sizes but I love the larger 22”x 22” and 24” x 24’’ as it gives the sofa more substance and creates a luxurious overall appeal.
  • Rectangular décor pillow, also known as Lumbar pillows are typically 14” X 22”, although Designers Guild and other upscale brands make ready- made, gorgeous, décor pillows at 18” x 24”, 12” x 24” and 12’’ x 16’’. They are used to span the width of a lounge chair, a bed or a sofa alongside a grouping of cushions. The rectangular cushion adds contrasting shape and size to a vignette, creating additional interest.
  • Bolster pillows are long and round. Much like a rectangular décor pillow, the bolster adds contrasting shape and size. It is perfectly suited for the width of a chaise lounge, or centered in a grouping of cushions on a sofa. Small bolsters can be used as finishing pillows on a bed. Simply place it in front of your larger décor pillows.
  • Finally, the standard round pillows are 14” in diameter. Despite being disfavored, the round décor pillow is a beautiful choice when used to balance the straight lines of a square pillow.                                                                                                                                 

 How many is too many?      


When deciding the amount of décor pillow suitable for your sofa, consider its size. If you have to move them to sit comfortably, you’ve probably added too many cushions. To achieve the ‘designer look’, numbers are important. For a modern edge, group décor pillow in sets of odd numbers. Vary the pillows by size, shape and pattern. If you want a traditional look with a symmetrical appearance, use even numbers. For a love seat, we recommend choosing two sets of identical square cushions, one pair solid and one pair patterned. Vary the cushions. Conversely, we recommend a rectangular cushion or bolster cushion for a lounge chair.

Variety is the spice of life…

Balance is described as the distribution of visual weight thus that the entire piece looks stable. That being said, Emphasis;  something that catches the viewers attention, is integral. It is vital that any composition have Movement and Variety. Without these elements, a composition is dull and uninspired. A fantastic way to create emphasis is through pattern. The trick is to pick a common theme: colour, shape, pattern, texture. If your décor pillows are united by a pattern, texture or colour, than chances are they will blend seamlessly together. But remember, choose colours that already exist in the space: existing furniture, fabric, and colour schemes. This will ensure you are tying the entire space together.

Designer Tricks:


  • There are some important tricks to keep in mind when dealing with pattern. First, embrace various patterns but make sure there is at least one colour in common besides neutrals.
  • When mixing different patterns, ensure they are of varying scales. For example, one features stripes and the other polka dots. This is important because it allows each pillow to stand out on its own.
  • Next, remember the importance of emphasis and consider the size of your furniture. If there are two pillows sitting next to one another on the same piece of furniture, make sure they are different- perhaps one is solid and the other patterned. If not, the piece will appear lackluster.
  • Finally, consider the whole project. If you plan to purchase décor pillows for an entire space, such as a living room, ensure that there are commonalities throughout. Repeat colour schemes, pattern, and trim, texture. The whole should appear unified and harmonious. This is especially important if you are going for a refined, polished interior.

A well-dressed interior will transform the look and feel of a space. Now that you have the knowledge necessary to style décor pillows like a pro, its time to go shopping and use these new skills! Take pictures of your interior, keep a colour palette in mind and bring samples. This will ensure you aren’t bringing décor pillows home that are all wrong. Keep the size of your furniture in mind, as this will determine the size of your décor pillows. Finally, remember the importance of emphasis by varying the cushions via pattern, scale, and texture. With these simple notes, you will ‘Ace’ the art of styling décor pillows!